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Our goal at VipRebate is to make sure that our members save money on every online purchase that is made through our website. How do we help you save money on your online purchases? First, we offer a cash back rebate at over 1000 popular stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, JCPenney, 6PM and more. The combination of the VipRebate cash back rebate plus coupons/sales insures that you will save money on your online purchases. This adds up to big savings every time you shop with VipRebate!

Some people might ask "How is  VipRebate able to give cash back from so many online stores?". Simple, the stores that you see on VipRebate  pay us a commission on each sale that is generated. Most shopping-based websites keep all that money for themselves or give a small portion. But we refund a good portion of it to you! We consistently supply our shoppers with online coupons, discounts and cash back rebates to make shopping with us economical and fun.

We think you will be very happy with your shopping experience at  VipRebate .  We have over 900 stores for you to choose from, so we're sure you'll find the store that you need with some cash back to sweeten the deal!  If you would like to make a suggestion on how we can improve our website, please use our online support form to send us your feedback. Happy Shopping!

Customer service is offered via email.

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